The Firm

Wibowo Hadiwijaya & Co (WH&Co) is a fast growing Indonesian Law Firm which is specially formed to serve the business community who needs and is aware of the importance of qualified legal services delivered by professionals with comprehensive manners. It was founded by Destivano Wibowo and Reggy Hadiwijaya in 2006, after they both have been practicing for more than 10 years in one of the largest firms in Indonesia. They are familiar with to the legal environment that WH&Co is also built with the intention of focusing its resources to handle corporate and commercial legal matters of esteemed clients.

As a fast growing law firm, WH&Co is responsive to the importance of adapting with every new legal situation and legal regulations which have changed rapidly through the past years and the coming years. Our adaptive ability increases our performance in providing legal services that our respected business clients expect and deserve. With such adaptive character implemented in our Firm, WH&Co is able to p rovide the perspective which is considered necessary to guide clients through an increasingly complex legal environment, and to effectively address client's needs in virtually any business, corporate, or personal setting.

WH&Co’s members are composed of the staffs and the Lawyers, who are experienced professionals with excellent academic credentials and diverse backgrounds, and WH&Co operates not just as a team, but also as a family in the type of open atmosphere that promotes innovative thinking and creative problem solving. For further information about us, you can check our website at: As a fast growing law firm, WH&Co also conscious of the importance in the awareness and skill’s possession in global economic development. One of the method could be reached by the cooperation with a globally networked institution. Thus from the beginning of 2016, WH&Co has been asked by DS Avocats, an international law firm with global networks across Europe, North and South America and Asia to be their partner in Indonesia. This cooperation however will not restrict WH&Co to work with other law firm in the world. For further information about DS Avocats, you can check its website at: By joining such global network, WH&Co shall continue to develop its skills in multinational business transactions.